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Here I got one from myself

  • 62.2mi
  • 5,902ft
  • 3:24:02
    Moving Time
  • 2,599
  • 107
    Relative Effort


  1. M$$$ •


  2. Karl Quick

    Isn't Latino awesome? I did over 10K feet just climbing Latino -up and down - back in March. Where's the cookie from?

  3. Charlie C.

    What group ride is this?

  4. Vitaliy Uvakin *Bicycle Pit Stop*

    How dare you to take KOM from hardworking, retired guy.... Oh, wait ;)

  5. Marcelo Da Silva |.

    NOW ride, Phil was in the back of the group, helping a less fortunate rider with some mechanical or flat tire ... and thanks for pulling me back to the group Phil (a such nice and humble guy)

  6. Paul Robinson Don's Bikes

    King of the Fred's 👑

  7. Phil Gaimon

    Haha Drew Kogon | LG is not a Fred!

  8. Jeff Ronne

    congrats on adding to the KOM collection / quest

  9. Riccardo S À.

    You aren't even safe from yourself 😧 . You have no chill

  10. Drew K.

    I'm so unfortunate 😭

  11. Marcos Porto

    Wow, so many KOM. Congratulations.

  12. 2 P.

    I don't understand u live the pro tour ,

  13. Latha Duncan

    Hey Phil Gaimon I was the guy in the Hamburglar kit who accosted you on Latigo. Drew Kogon | LG told me to.

  14. Dana Rouleau Jr

    Are they the new Mavic tubeless tire/wheel combo?

  15. Phil Gaimon

    Cookie was from luxxe. Pretty average but good location

  16. Cameron Smith

    Levi 😲 nice! Phil Gaimon

  17. Andrew 🚴.

    You need to write a strongly worded complaint of a pro taking "your" KoM. Then start a flame war with yourself #stravatrigger

  18. Jay Sternadel


  19. Nick Danger

    Taking your own KOM is like an exclamation mark. Taking your own KOM and not realizing it is borderline schizophrenic.

  20. Arthur Sosa Jr

    the cookie monster

  21. Yip Yip

    Saddle pic?