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## - Peak Gentlemen's Lap, day 2: self-imposed smashies up Falls, out-panached on Tawonga, worked the descents like there was an ambulance on standby, and gave my last into Bright ... what a magical way to end the season. Love your work, Peak!

  • 110.1km
  • 2,066m
  • 3:40:11
    Moving Time
  • 3,299
  • 150
    Relative Effort


  1. Cyril Dixon

    Great effort Milo, great ride backing up after the day before. Fantastic KOM

  2. Paul M.

    That's a handy KOM Milo - props! And I always like to think of finishing an alpine ride into Bright, like handing back a hire car where you've pre-bought the fuel - you want to make sure there's nothing left in the tank :-)

  3. Marty S.

    Rob, that is just awesome. Fantastic work up Falls. Especially given the head wind across the top. Week done sir.

  4. Marty S.

    Should have read well done - damn autocorrect!

  5. David Iebbiano

    Milo, thanks for your support over the weekend, that's a great ride by you. Great work

  6. Aaron Murray

    Amazing! Well done mate, enjoy the off season!

  7. John Van Seters

    Now that is a huge ride, fairdincum unbelievable rob!

  8. Rob M.


  9. Joe Caruso

    Nice to meet you Milo. Awesome riding and well deserved!

  10. Michael B.

    Absolutely amazing effort Milo, Chapeau!

  11. Cycle C.

    Big fan of your work as always, it was only a matter of time before the back of falls met Milo

  12. Drew Neal

    ^ Back of Falls meets Milo and bows its KOM to Him..... Awesome work!

  13. Matt Mcmahon

    Awesome work Milo great KOM. Thanks for the support over the ride. Well done.

  14. Rob Milohanic

    Thanks, gents - very kind of all of you. :) Looking back, it probably qualifies as one of my best-ever days in the mountains ... very glad to have had the legs to pull it off, and to have successfully recovered from the previous couple of days. Now I've got to work out what my next challenge will be ...

  15. John Van Seters

    I can organise some challenges for you rob!

  16. Rob Milohanic

    ^ can you organise the leave passes from home for me?? ;-)

  17. Kevin T.

    Great to meet you Rob. Awesome KOM and great tow with you, Ptrain & Dave back into Bright.Thanks for that.

  18. Rob Milohanic

    DrJ - thanks! Went better than I'd hoped. :) Kev, likewise, great to meet you. And let me tell you, providing that tow hurt!!