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El Acebo y Puerto de Lietariegos with the guys - tough day on the bike

  • 86.5km
  • 1,903m
  • 4:24:48
    Moving Time
  • 2,246
  • 117
    Relative Effort


  1. David Piñera


  2. Martin Bacon (www.bikeasturias.net)

    Gracias David. Una ruta guapa pero duro.

  3. Pepe (.

    What did you thing about he last bit of El Acebo, what a bitch!!! Leitariegos is beautiful. You need to do Pozo de Las Mujeres Muertas Allande side (after El Palo). One of my favourite passes in Asturias.

  4. Martin Bacon (www.bikeasturias.net)

    Pepe, the whole thing is a bitch. Tried to take it easy as I knew I had a 22km climb afterwards but not easy taking it easy up there. I've climbed El Palo and Mujeres Muertos but from Cangas side. I'll make it back that way some day for sure. Great riding.

  5. Javier Ornia

    Que campeones!!!👏👏👏💪🚴💨😜