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Morning Ride

  • 103.8mi
  • 5,527ft
  • 9:31:43
    Moving Time
  • 2,828


  1. Jeff Baker ElliptiGO

    Help anyone?
    I didn't ride 150mi. I rode a SLOW 105 miles. My Garmin Edge 1000 ran out of battery at 103.8mi. This is what shows on my Edge and in Garmin Connect. According to what shows on the map, the distance as the crow flies between my home and the town where the ride started was recorded to Strava.
    How can I edit this so I can get my real distance recognized?

  2. Bill P.

    just use the crop tool to move end point back before the erroneous last location. helps if you zoom in the map first.

  3. Bill P.

    crop is under tools/spanner icon

  4. Jeff Baker ElliptiGO

    Thank you Bill!

  5. Bill P.

    You're welcome! Glad to see it worked