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Chris Phipps

San Francisco, CA
  • 297
  • 4,141.5
    miles Ridden
  • 1605

Ford GoBike Hawk Hill Race

Ride August 3, 2017
  • 19.1mi
  • 1,224ft
  • 1:32:31
    Moving Time
  • 686
  • 47
    Relative Effort
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  1. Matt K.

    Wow, that's a blistering pace on one of those bikes! What were the time gaps???

  2. Kyle McCall

    Congrats Chris. Way to drop the watts

  3. Bret L.

    Bummer I missed this. Who "sponsored" it?

  4. Gary Towne

    This looks Awesome!

  5. Jesse Lash 🤠

    @bret we just decided to do it because it sounded fun

  6. Mark Slavonia

    That's awesome. Honestly I thought the city bikes would be faster than that.

  7. Roger M.


  8. Chris C.

    Most excellent!

  9. Bingo ..

    Excellent work CPBike, inspirational!

  10. Cathy J.

    That's incredible!

  11. Bryan H.

    Nat's kit Intimidation factor...high

  12. Chris Phipps

    Mark Slavonia - I would think the times would be faster too. Not trying to make excuses, but in addition to the weight, I believe there is a significant power loss with the NuVinci CVT gearing system. Would love to be able to try a test on how much power is lost & I have some ideas how to do it.

  13. Brian Schuster


  14. Tom Kearney

    Awesome, except you missed donut alley. Thanks for your comments in Nextdoor. You are very patient and thoughtful in your remarks ....

  15. Stuart C.

    This is fantastic. How low does the gearing on these things go? I would imagine grinding at super low cadence?

  16. Chris Phipps

    Stuart, the gearing is pretty good for most climbs. It's NuVinci CVT, 380% range 0.5 under to 1.9 over https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NuVinci_Continuously_Variable_Transmission

  17. Chris Phipps

    Tom, thank you. Sorry I missed the donuts :-(

  18. Sara Stearns

    That was a GREAT little video, Chris!!

  19. matt quann

    PR on bridge to headlands summit!?? Ha.

  20. Carlos A.

    Epic! Such a great idea.