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Pokosha Pass with Breakaway

E-Bike Ride
  • 37.3km
  • 1,675m
  • 3:24:19
    Moving Time


  1. Jeremy S.

    awesome, thanks for sharing. do you have to start from where you did or can you drive in further (ie. to the 8.5km mark)? thanks!

  2. Ghost Rider

    You can drive in all the way on the Ashlu fsr till the left turn up the valley.

  3. Jeremy S.

    Awesome, thanks so much!

  4. Ghost Rider

    Have a good trip up there. Flies are pesky so best to have light pants and long sleeves.

  5. Jeremy S.

    Good to know, thanks... probably hiking it. Just want to check out the area a bit. Cheers