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The Copper Triangle (GOGO)

Ride August 5, 2017
  • 82.2mi
  • 6,807ft
  • 6:55:54
    Moving Time
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  1. Steve L. (ElliptiGO & runner)

    I never thought I could bonk 5 miles into a ride, but I proved that wrong today! Nightmare of a day...

  2. Jim Cremer

    Nice one, Steve!

  3. Jimi Gibson / Runner/Elliptigoer

    I gotta turn you on to this Hammer product I've been testing this summer Fully Charged, awesome stuff

  4. Steve L. (ElliptiGO & runner)

    I used to use some Hammer items, maybe I'll check it out. But I have a pretty good idea that my struggles on this ride were due to a combination of a mild stomach virus, some dehydration and the fact that my dang alarm didn't go off so I had to skip breakfast in order to make the start.

  5. Jimi Gibson / Runner/Elliptigoer

    Yes, that does not sound like a good pre-epic ride morning😜