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Tainthammer 2014

  • 134.3mi
  • 145ft
  • 8:51:51
    Moving Time
  • 3,617
  • 335
    Suffer Score


  1. Patrick H.
    Patrick Herlihy

    Great seeing you there before you rocketed off into the distance :)

  2. Bruce B.
    Bruce Bundy

    After checking out some photos of the roads, I can't help wondering if it might be worth having a mountain bike for this ride. Or was there a rule against that? Anyway, great ride, nicely done!

  3. Bryn D.
    Bryn D.

    @Patrick: I latched onto the lead group from the start and didn't want to let go. At about mile 40 I was in the gutter and doing about 200% of my FTP to dangle on the end of the echelon. I knew it wouldn't end well if I kept that up. I looked back and saw Ammon about .1 miles back, so I decided to drop back and ride a more sensible pace for the rest of 90ish miles. Big hat tip to Ammon and Allen for putting waiting up while I tried to get my pedals working. They were awesome riding partners.

    @Bruce: Sure, if you're going for comfort. :) A mountain bike, at least on knobbies, would have been too slow on the pavement. I thought I saw one or two mountain bike with slicks who did the ride, but not the full length. Certainly no rule against it.

  4. Patrick H.
    Patrick Herlihy

    Yeah, I did that last year and paid for it. Averaged something like 22 mph for the first 55 miles when I savagely bonked and turtled the rest until Murphy insisted on SAGging me through Santa Fe Grade (which had a ferocious headwind that we thankfully didn't have this year). Fun as that was, it led to my decision to single speed and let the fast group play without me this year :) Maybe next year.....

  5. Christoph S.
    Christoph S.

    Brilliant performance, Bryn!