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first time doing summit from Paia

  • 89.6mi
  • 10,679ft
  • 5:12:08
    Moving Time
  • 4,293


  1. Shawn Conners

    take 15 to 20 min. off that for being in a pack next summer

  2. Shawn Conners

    Probably the star wars stuff up on the mountain. Real question is how much you can improve upon todays effort and where you can find time. Spending as much time as you can above 7000 would probably help the most. Two days a week before CTTS.

  3. David Arteaga

    I didn't plan on this ride today, i got to paia and decided to go up hill for no reason. I only had water and 1 pack of cliff shot. I guess i have to prepare next time. Spent some time stoping for water on the way up.

  4. David Arteaga

    Thanks for the advice. I will work on it

  5. Sam K.

    Gotta say, you are bringing the heat on Strava...how come no more HR when you ride?

  6. David Arteaga

    Sam, the HR doesnt have battery and im actually enjoying not looking at my HR data. Riding old school style:)

  7. Paul P.

    Its funny, have had some of my best results without hr data