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(Barefoot RSD 950) Quick River Run (before driving back to SAT)

  • 3.0mi
  • 30:51
    Moving Time
  • 10:05/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 362


  1. Jp B.
    JP Body

    Craziness. It had to have been in the low 50s here this morning.

  2. Derek C.
    Derek C.

    Oh that heat has been brutal. Great run, Teresa!

  3. Appalachian R.
    Appalachian Runner

    Fantastic run Barefoot Teresa!! That heat is brutal!! Great job of getting it done!! 🤗

  4. Geri L.
    Geri L

    Holy hot!! Great job and pace in the heat!

  5. Nick F.
    Nick Ferrara

    I guess I won't complain! Ouch

  6. Appalachian R.
    Appalachian Runner

    Congrats on breaking 1400 miles for the year Barefoot Teresa!! 💪💪👏👏 Great job!! 😊

  7. Barefoot  T.
    Barefoot Teresa

    JP Body Stop it! You're killing me! Low 50s in August?? You must live in paradise!😊

  8. Barefoot  T.
    Barefoot Teresa

    Derek C. Thank you! This heat is so brutal that even walking from the car to the door of the grocery store is miserable. Hopefully we'll have some sort of a break from it, soon.

  9. Barefoot  T.
    Barefoot Teresa

    Thank youAppalachian Runner, Geri L, and Nick Ferrara! Actually, although the temperature was very high when I ran this run, the humidity was low and a dry breeze was blowing. Those conditions made the run fairly comfortable.

  10. Barefoot  T.
    Barefoot Teresa

    Appalachian Runner Thank you! I did not even realize I had hit 1400 for the year until you pointed it out!