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(Barefoot RSD 951) Teresa's No Good Terrible Bad Run😥

  • 9.1mi
  • 2:00:55
    Moving Time
  • 13:09/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 1,084


  1. Fair Weather S.
    Fair Weather S.

    Way to go Teresa! Nine miles on a Friday evening is excellent. Quick question, does the trail continue on the North side of 1604? I have not been over there since shortly after my return from Korea.

  2. Barefoot  T.
    Barefoot Teresa

    Fair Weather Steve 🇺🇸🇰🇷 Thank you. This run was so hard - no air on the greenway. Ugh. The trail does continue north of 1604, but dead ends just a little way past it. The trail that goes underneath 1604 is the one to the right, just before you get to the bench and water fountains at the Valero trailhead. That portion of the trail is .50 to the dead end and so adds a mile total from the Buddy Calk trailhead. I love that new section. It's lovely.

  3. Patty V.
    Patty Vander Dussen

    Wow, Teresa, humid and hot, but what a great run that you got out and did it for 9.1 miles!! Yay!!

  4. Stephanie H.
    Stephanie H.

    Well, no, you didn't die...but you HAVE landed in an ambulance before, so...way to get out there in such hot conditions and get such good mileage!

  5. Will W.
    Will Webb

    Way to push through to the finish Teresa.

  6. Appalachian R.
    Appalachian Runner

    Way to persevere and get your run in Barefoot Teresa!!💪 Such dedication!! Nine miles is very impressive!! Fantastic job!!

  7. Laura R.
    Laura R.

    Boo! It's going around, evidently - the terrible runs.

  8. Barefoot  T.
    Barefoot Teresa

    Laura Ready, you live in a hot, humid climate, too - it sometimes seems a curse for runners to live in such places!

  9. Barefoot  T.
    Barefoot Teresa

    Thank you, Appalachian Runner, Stephanie Harvey, Patty Vander Dussen, and Will Webb, for your encouraging comments. My morale is pretty low today. Such supportive comments do help chase some of those running blues away. Stephanie Harvey, I'm working to avoid another ambulance rescue . . . . A second one will cost me the last vestige of familial support of my distance running😥😥😥

  10. Samantha H.
    Samantha H.

    Bad runs make us appreciate the good ones.