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South Burnett Rail Trail and Wondai State Forest

  • 100.0km
  • 713m
  • 5:42:33
    Moving Time
  • 3,299


  1. John B.
    John B.

    How did you manage exactly 100!

  2. Peter W.
    Peter Whittle

    I finished at 139 yesterday and rode around the block for 140 :)

  3. Neil E.
    Neil Ennis

    I had 99.2 on the click when we got back so I rode around for a couple of minutes until 100 ticked over :)

  4. Graham R.
    Graham Ramsay

    I must be telepathic. In my mind i thought saturday, when is neil going to do the kingaroy rail trail. How you rate it. Being sealed would make it less adventurous. But more open to more people. And no horses allowed. They be allowed on the next section to open later September.

  5. Neil E.
    Neil Ennis

    Graham - you'll have to wait for Thursday's blog post to find out more :) I'm not much of a fan of the paved stuff.

  6. Graham R.
    Graham Ramsay

    I new you would say that too! Not a fan of the paved stuff. Be good to read anyway.

  7. Peter W.
    Peter Whittle

    Glad it's not just me

  8. Neil E.
    Neil Ennis

    Peter, it looks like we could do an awesome offroad ride fron Nanango to Murgon along Booie Rd, Wondai State Forest and Cherbourg, A bit far to do in a day tho.

  9. Peter W.
    Peter Whittle

    It's only 60-70. I rode through Booie - very nice.

  10. Graham R.
    Graham Ramsay

    Couple questions Neil. Did you drive up and back in the same day? The sealed surfaces on the rail trail suitable for hybrid or road bikes. Was there plenty of watering points food shops. Or take your own? I thinking of riding my Cyclecross bike. It fat 38mm tires!

  11. Neil E.
    Neil Ennis

    Graham - if you stick to the rail trail it's bitumen all the way from Kingaroy to Murgon. Just be aware that it's a 25km climb all the way back from Barambah Creek to Wooroolin. More info on the blog.

  12. Graham R.
    Graham Ramsay

    I read the blog. Did you drive up and back in the same day?

  13. Neil E.
    Neil Ennis

    Yeah mate. 2.5 hours each way, plus a 7 hour ride. We left at 6.30am and got back about 7pm

  14. Graham R.
    Graham Ramsay

    Ta. Justed wanted some idea for when i try it out soon.