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Part 2

  • 29.6km
  • 404m
  • 1:05:35
    Moving Time
  • 754


  1. Rollo D.
    Rollo Dixon - NAUT-IoW-BikeStrongUK

    It's rare for me to get that dreaded e-mail "... has taken your Strava KOM" (almost as rare as me actually getting a KOM in the first place), but I'll let you off George Corbin. It's an incentive to see what I can do with a proper effort!

  2. George C.
    George Corbin

    Sorry Rollo! Was doing an interval up to the top of Staplers plus a surge at the end of Blacklands Lane... didn't see the long segment. You're riding really strong at the moment with plenty of solid hilly rides - really impressive to see!

  3. Rollo D.
    Rollo Dixon - NAUT-IoW-BikeStrongUK

    No need to apologise George Corbin, & thank you for the compliments. I'm trying, a bit, & there's plenty of work to do. Just enjoying my riding and the chance to push a bit more!

  4. Rollo D.
    Rollo Dixon - NAUT-IoW-BikeStrongUK

    Any suggestions for next Thursday's ride?

  5. George C.
    George Corbin

    Great! Follow where the enjoyment leads you and enjoy the journey I say! Both variations of last Thursday were good. No real preferences... taking in some of the roads in the south and west usually makes for a good ride - it's hard to go too far wrong really.

  6. Ali T.
    Ali Taylor

    Some more koms 😂