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Lunch Ride

  • 34.8mi
  • 2,172ft
  • 2:55:41
    Moving Time
  • 850
  • 133
    Suffer Score


  1. Helen S.
    Helen S.

    What app are you using ? Hope you're having a great time. We're heading up to Chappell hill tomorrow will miss you

  2. Paula J.
    Paula Johnson

    I got the myzone HR monitor which has its own app. I loved it , I found it even better than the strava premium; however still use it. We are having fun, nice cool temp and healthy living. have a great ride tomorrow, see you when we get back.

  3. Paula J.
    Paula Johnson

    I am just too wired Helen Scott ,😂 but I love the gadgets.

  4. Val L.
    Val Lincecum

    You do love the numbers Paula!

  5. Val L.
    Val Lincecum

    I do too.....Miss seeing you two.

  6. Helen S.
    Helen S.

    I know! 🤣🤣

  7. Paula J.
    Paula Johnson

    You are right there @Lincecum Val . 😊

  8. Paula J.
    Paula Johnson

    I know you do too Val Lincecum 😊. Hope to see you when we get back to Houston.