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Return to The Kingdom 👑

  • 155.6km
  • 2,346m
  • 4:58:48
    Moving Time
  • 4,251


  1. Mike B.
    Mike Brochier

    Now who's being Thronesy...congrats on your return!

  2. Bradley B.
    Bradley Biancalana

    Passed you today as I was turning right onto Yoakim Bridge, you looked happy!

  3. Jay C.
    Jay C.

    Levi, I finished Leadville. That was one tough race.

  4. Robert P.
    robert przykucki

    Best ride ever👍🏻

  5. Vince M.
    Vince M.

    Can you make skaggs through to cazedero without support or do you have a car following with drinks?

  6. Melissa L.
    Melissa Lawrence

    Welcome home

  7. Baz Z.
    Baz Z

    Excellent ride! Good to see you in Cazadero today.

  8. Levi L.
    Levi Leipheimer

    I'm just referring to the name of our longest route "Il Regno" and that part of the county in general. Thanks Bradley Biancalana Great job Jay Curry I agree it's tough. Hey Vince Marotte there's a spigot at the CCC camp near the bottom of the "Rancheria Wall". Thanks Melissa Lawrence Good to see you too Baz Za

  9. Patrick R.
    Patrick Rainsberry

    Take the alternate on Austin creek road and skip the traffic. Love that area

  10. Jhony V.
    Jhony V.

    Yo are great Levi.