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LT100 in 9h34m! 15th time and New PR. #50rocks

  • 104.3mi
  • 11,086ft
  • 9:29:21
    Moving Time
  • 5,729
  • 620
    Suffer Score


  1. Mark R.
    Mark Rose

    That's insane!

  2. Bill M.
    Bill McMillian

    Personal best at 9:34! I would say that is worth a commendation. Way to go Son :)) The Leadville Legend did it again.

  3. Steve M.
    Steve M.

    Awesome ride, fantastic result

  4. Rich R.
    Rich Rybacki

    Congrats! Superb performance!

  5. Scott M.
    Scott M.

    Great job Scott McMillian !!

  6. Chad C.
    Chad Christian

    That is so awesome, congrats

  7. Scott N.
    Scott Nikas

    Way to go Scott! Congrats.

  8. Kim K.
    Kim K.

    Wow! Impressive

  9. B M.
    B M.

    Congratulations Scott that's awesome!

  10. Mark R.
    Mark Rose

    Great pics. You had a full support crew!

  11. Mike A.
    Mike Adams

    Awesome, Scott. Way to go - you hammered it!

  12. Scott M.
    Scott McMillian

    Thanks guys! I got there because of you guys. Great training partners and friends.

  13. Sandy N.
    Sandy N.

    Awesome 50th b-day ride! Congrats!

  14. Shawn B.
    Shawn Baldwin

    Impressive. Well done Scott!

  15. Cole A.
    Cole Adams

    Congratulations! Big time ride! 23 ind section PRs and a 6th overall on one section. I'd say that's a HUGE day!

  16. Stefan G.
    Stefan G.

    Well done sir!

  17. Stefan G.
    Stefan G.

    240 max HR!