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Holy Mother of all Crosswinds

  • 50.4km
  • 2m
  • 1:46:48
    Moving Time
  • 706
  • 34
    Suffer Score


  1. Murugananth S.
    Murugananth Sabapathy

    Fcuk tell me about. I was thinking that i was jet lagged that i couldnt pedal untill mouli nd chandru told me about it

  2. Siddharth R.
    Siddharth Ravishankar

    My mission today was to NOT fall down

  3. Kowshik V.
    Kowshik V.

    Riding after 2 weeks, I came to this day. πŸ˜‚

  4. Siddharth R.
    Siddharth Ravishankar

    Kowshik Vasudevan hope u don't give up cycling rofl

  5. Kowshik V.
    Kowshik V.

    Siddharth Ravishankar I won’t 😝

  6. Murugananth S.
    Murugananth Sabapathy

    Me too sid. New shoes nd cleats. Jus didnt wanna slip n fall

  7. Murugananth S.
    Murugananth Sabapathy

    Kowshik lets ride soon man. Tuesday?

  8. Arvind R.
    Arvind Ravikumar

    Frodo dont talk about winds da.. 😜

  9. Kowshik V.
    Kowshik V.

    Murugananth Sabapathy Tuesday 5am at Mk? 😬

  10. Murugananth S.
    Murugananth Sabapathy

    Lets ride from miot. Plan a time Kowshik Vasudevan

  11. Kowshik V.
    Kowshik V.

    Murugananth Sabapathy sent a msg on Facebook.