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Leadville 💯done ✅ busted fork but slugged it out to finish.

  • 103.3mi
  • 10,935ft
  • 9:17:49
    Moving Time
  • 4,497
  • 230
    Suffer Score


  1. Clint M.
    Clint Morrow

    Nice! Awesome work man!

  2. Mike M.
    Mike Moran

    Great work

  3. Paula B.
    Paula B.

    Awesome job! Ouch! Brutal

  4. Mark M.
    mark mooney

    Good job CW you trained hard for the race

  5. David  S.
    David St Lawrence

    Congratulations Long day and so much climbing hope you enjoyed the experience

  6. Mr. C.
    Mr. Chunkles

    Stop busting your fork.

  7. Mr. C.
    Mr. Chunkles

    PS: You're awesome!

  8. David  S.
    David St Lawrence

    That 9 hour time seems to be extremely hard to pull off

  9. Derek W.
    Derek Wasson

    Congrats. Impressive ride!

  10. Clint W.
    Clint Williams

    Thanks Derek Wasson, David St Lawrence, Mr. Chunkles, mark mooney, Mike Moran, Clint Morrow, Paula Boyle. I think I could've broken 9 hours if I hadn't had fork issues and my seat bag came loose and dangled a few times. I had to stop twice to put it back on. My hands wouldn't work so a big shout out to the SRAM support for helping me with my fork and seat bag!