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Garmin don't die, don't die, don' *dies* This is just past halfway. Long one

  • 121.3km
  • 817m
  • 3:18:43
    Moving Time


  1. Julian Del Beato

    the firmware can now detect you ride for BMC

  2. Barra Harrison

    good luck for rest of race

  3. Luk Overmeire

    heyTaylor! congrats with your TT win in the East. What are your classic ambitions this spring? PR?

  4. Roy Galvin

    Best of luck!

  5. Nick Kourambas |  R.
    Nick Kourambas | R.

    If it's not on Strava, it didn't happen

  6. Harris S.
    Harris S.

    Damn you garmin!!!

  7. Patrick Hogan

    @488 watts your garmin looses energy fast.

  8. Wesley Frame

    Congrats on Dubai homie! Get it done this year.

  9. Ben P.
    Ben P.

    3hrs? You should be able to get at least 10 out of her :(((

  10. Angelo Azuar

    Taylor responds to know one. Come on man, you want support, start replying mate. It only takes a minute. ;-)

  11. Nick Kourambas |  R.
    Nick Kourambas | R.

    Maybe he doesn't want support?

  12. Sam A.
    Sam A.

    Taylor's posting his rides and allowing access for all to see & enjoy. I think he's giving plenty to his followers.

  13. David Malwitz

    Hey Taylor, I'm a huge fan of yours and all things BMC. Would you do me a HUGE favor and 1. Go to BMC's FB post: http://tinyurl.com/klxrdk7 2. Copy/Paste this in: http://www.bmctempo.com/gf/riding-is-exploring-david-m/ Thanks! I'm hoping to represent BMC as a passionate ambassador and cheer on the team in Flanders this spring. (also would love an upgrade from my 90's Trek to a GF01) :)