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Durianrider VEGAN POWER! เจ

Magill, SOUTH AUSTRALIA, Australia
  • 206
    Activities in 2018
  • 5,830.7
    kilometers Ridden in 2018
  • 31144

Only city on earth you can do this sort of riding with this many people and this little traffic and ENDLESS climbing options.

Ride February 16, 2014
  • 220.5km
  • 4,350m
  • 8:33:24
    Moving Time
  • 5,206
  • 203
    Relative Effort
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  1. Abel Podger
    Abel Podger

    Still killing it mate.

  2. Karl P.
    Karl P.

    Good riding mate; by the way my Mrs and I are trying the fruit blends at the moment maaaaan its tough!

  3. Kenny / Barefoot Pomare
    Kenny / Barefoot Pomare

    Not only city. Move to New Zealand.

  4. Durianrider VEGAN POWER! เจ
    Durianrider VEGAN POWER! เจ

    @kenny, Ive got mates from NZ that holiday in Radelaide cos of the year round riding quality. No where in NZ do you have the quality and big bunches and road options like in Radelaide. Just look at the strava segments in NZ lol! Nice scenery though but not the cyclist lifestyle Radelaide has. Its the reason there is more elite cyclists coming out of Radelaide than ANY other city on earth.

    NZ has better organic bananas though not to mention organic golden kiwi fruits...mmmm!

  5. Kenny / Barefoot Pomare
    Kenny / Barefoot Pomare

    And nutrient unstripped soil, mountain bike trails, cyclocross, clean water. Pity about the meat and dairy culture and higher relative cancer rates.

  6. Karl P.
    Karl P.

    Harley, kenny. Get y ourselves over to England and north Wales; some of the best single track mountain biking in the world. . No f**king killer spiders as well.

  7. Kenny / Barefoot Pomare
    Kenny / Barefoot Pomare

    My hometown Rotorua, pack full of bananas worlds cleanest water and lush green pine trees. Top tracks in the world. Never mind packs on road with Barron dry Aussie landscape. Adelaide does have the hills.

  8. Dr S.
    Dr S.

    Hey all.
    Get yourselves to Dubbo, NSW if you want the best in everything. Bananas, hills, big bunches , racing , we even have a cafè! Ever heard of Lance Armstrong ? He's from Dubbo !

  9. Phil J.
    Phil J.

    Harley, what's your opinion on the giant tcr composite 1 with ultegra ?

  10. Phil Millham
    Phil Millham

    I get it that you might be slightly biased, but you really need to see a bit more of the world before making sweeping statements like that! ;)

  11. Nathan Miller
    Nathan Miller

    Would argue Taiwan might be just as nice - and can ride all year here - also one of the most amazing hill climbs in the world...is on this little island.

  12. W. R.
    W. R.


  13. Megan J.
    Megan J.

    Totally yelled at you at the Henley espy today! :)

  14. Procyclingskills.Com S.
    Procyclingskills.Com S.

    Duriander is right, Adeladie is pretty special, so many meandering roads through the hills and every ride is completely different. Great having you along for the ride today mate. All I can say is some of the other best riding is on a 'procyclingtours.com' tour through europe ;-)

  15. Bike R.
    Bike R.

    damn! wheres the 2 thumbs up option?

  16. Jody Baker
    Jody Baker

    Come to Vancouver, British Columbia. We've got enough big climbs to keep you busy for a while

  17. Bill Griggs
    Bill Griggs

    Great riding with you Harley. Thanks for the tow back to the group at Millbrook. I went for the solid option you mentioned and turned up Coachhouse/Woodland at the 200km mark. Not my fastest time up there but survived :-)

  18. Kenny / Barefoot Pomare
    Kenny / Barefoot Pomare

    Taiwan is great riding

  19. Mikeal Harper
    Mikeal Harper


  20. Colin Horsfall
    Colin Horsfall

    Dont know about world but reckon its best in oz. Was there for 2 weeks after circumnavigating this great country. Greetings from nz

  21. Ian McDonald
    Ian McDonald

    No but AIS Cycling HQ has been there for around 25-30 years and TDF winner has trained & raced there :). As have Olympic, World, C/Wealth and other champs/medal winners from little ole down under where also Wiggins TDF coach came from, and current performance head for Sky. Plus a lot further from the Euro scene than Dublin Aye! Slan tya!

  22. Abel Podger
    Abel Podger

    Not to mention exceptional wine and the best chance of getting murdered per capita in the world! RADELAIDE!!


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