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Artemis World Cycle Day 47: Reefton to Picton

Ride August 17, 2017
  • 284.6km
  • 1,188m
  • 12:10:52
    Moving Time
  • 6,264
  • 120
    Relative Effort
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  1. Steve G.

    Great work to catch the ferry!!! Well done Mark and the team. You're smashing this!

  2. ⛴ Captain Kaos 🚴🏼

    176.9 miles is a hell of a "Morning Ride". Congratulations on everything you e accomplished to date - I'm pulling for you Mark Beaumont .

  3. Paul B.

    Excellent progress mark .
    Hope your okay & your still on target .

  4. Cassian Barber

    Amazing in that weather against the headwind.

  5. Walter K.

    Massive effort in South Island!!! After that North island will be a breeze then back to summer

  6. Ed Gwynne-Harris

    Will Davies time for the pedalo suggestion?

  7. Ian A.

    I'm in awe of your amazing effort. Smash that record!

  8. Daniel O.

    Well done Mark that is a good effort

  9. Jim Brown

    That looked like a tough day in the saddle, really well done making the ferry.. one more BIG shift to go - Then the warmer roads of the US of A.. very well done Mark & the Team.

  10. Stefan Koole

    Great effort I follow you every day. Greeting from Holland

  11. Tim D.

    Fantastic work being through the South Island already. I hope you are ready for a hell of a Northerly wind when you get to Wellington.... not great when you are heading North. Best of luck

  12. Stephen Brandon

    Very well done on trying conditions. Just wondering about your route north tomorrow - west on SH1, or east up Waiarapa? Would like to come down to Bulls to see you if SH1.

  13. Joost Niermeijer

    A deep bow and applause! Woke up this morning thinking "did he make it?"... the suspense...!!

  14. Mike D.

    Ridiculous mental fortitude to keep pedalling at 4am with snapped bits of trees around you

  15. Geoff Wilson

    Can't begin to imagine what this is like. Heard you saying one day there that the last 4 hour part of your ride was "a grind " keep going!!!

  16. Symon M.

    great to see you on the road today, good luck for the rest of your fantastic adventure.

  17. Anne Marie P.

    Awesome stuff

  18. Nathan P.

    Massive effort in what seemed to be horrible weather. Well done!

  19. John W.

    Strong headwind plus your profile looks like you cycled up a cliff.... awesome cycling Mr B

  20. Matthew Fair

    You made it to the ferry! Great effort.

  21. Ian A.

    🚣 ⛴ 🚢🚲🚐🛳🛳

  22. Ian A.

    Looked like a nice run in to the ferry port down that hill

  23. Wayne Thompson (SRCG CC)

    Did you stop off in Murchison for a refuel?

  24. Stu M.

    Amazing work, Mark! Hope all goes well on North Island 🚴💨💨👍

  25. Cycle2ConquerCancer VirtualWorldRide4Rity

    Incredible in that awful weather and sounds like u got ferry to awesome

  26. Alan Callow

    Awesome performance in atrocious weather Mark. Chapeau

  27. Martin Lewis (WRCC)

    Following you in awe! incredible.

  28. Adam O.

    Fantastic effort Mark Beaumont. Stay strong, stay safe👍👍

  29. Timo ten Brinke

    Respect... Would be awesome if you could post a few pics per ride (this must have been an amazing ride, for example)

  30. Peter Ferrier

    Well done mark on making the ferry! Awesome ride in those conditions!

  31. Snelle Jelle

    I followed your progress through the European night while working, and was wondering on the standstill around 4:00am EST (14:00 your time). I'm so happy you got riding again and made it to the ferry! Hope you have a great recovery right now and all the best for the trip to your second antipodal point and to the finish line!

  32. John Hayes

    I wish Strava showed weather. I know this was a huge effort given the conditions. Way to go, Mark!!

  33. Lee Close

    Just bloody incredible seeing what the human body can endure. Keep it up Mark, we are all mesmerised with your efforts.

  34. Neal A.

    Sarah Sheppard your neck of the woods!

  35. Kevin Koorey NZL88

    If are on SH1 tomorrow we will give you cheer as go through Taupo.

  36. Dipesh B.

    YES !!!!

  37. Victoria W.

    Lucy Gowdie maybe next time...

  38. Andre R.

    Your are getting stronger every day Mark. You are well on your way!

  39. Will Davies

    Mark just a suggestion for future attempts; in order to cover the circumference of the entire world the sea sections should be completed via pedalo. Let me know what you think. Ed Gwynne-Harris Robbie Davies Tommy Harris

  40. Will Fox

    You got this Mark. Absolutely amazing

  41. Carl Frost

    Great work man I'm so happy you came so close to blenheim