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quick 5k in the rain

  • 3.1mi
  • 24:01
    Moving Time
  • 7:43/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 506


  1. Justin Horrell

    Yeah how did you hack Strava? That's definitely not 3 miles. Right?

  2. Sylvester Jakubowski

    Privacy zones... it's a feature.

  3. Justin Horrell

    Ahhhhhh. Thanks Sylvester Jakubowski

  4. Lee John Barber

    That's not like you Casey Neistat very short run

  5. Leo López

    That's human hahaha

  6. McClain Griffin

    Don't wanna brag but I beat ya 😉

  7. Sergio Jovino

    how many shoes u have, hahaha?!? Never proved the altra escalante?!? i'm gonna to buy them, I proved mizuno and saucony top shoes and only with the saucony i'm good for long running

  8. Tony Besson

    I haven't tried just a quick 5k in a while. Gonna try today. 👌🏻

  9. christopher clarke

    Nice pic!