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Epic day. Power and time PB up Tryvann; PB up short Grefsenkollen.

  • 76.3km
  • 1,860m
  • 2:58:38
    Moving Time
  • 2,415


  1. Erik B

    Amazing, José! That's one great ride for sure. Awesome ride up Tryvann, especially after 16min on the first effort!! 🤤 And great set in Grefsen as well 😀

  2. José Areta

    Thank you Erik! The first one was a 'warm up', I was quite happy with 441 W on the hard effort and the time as well :-)

  3. André Fjeldhammer

    Wow, you got the power 👍

  4. Erik B

    Just saw you had 7:06 from the bridge by Holmenkollen and up - that is a _very_ strong last half 💪💪 I leave it to Oddvar to comment on the wattage 😛

  5. José Areta

    It's thank to him that I've got a power reading. My SRM is getting its battery replaced so I'm borrowing an SRM unit from him.

  6. Kristin F.
    Kristin F.

    Jeezes... que fuerza!

  7. Oddvar K.
    Oddvar K.

    Wow, that´s a great ride, and yes Erik, impressive power. Erik: A small secret. I treated José a home made blueberry and raspberry pie yesterday evening. It gave him wings:)

  8. Erik B

    I've never been known to turn down any sort of dessert, blueberrry and raspberry pie included 😁 No wonder he was flying!

  9. Oddvar K.
    Oddvar K.