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Epic day. Power and time PB up Tryvann; PB up short Grefsenkollen.

  • 76.3km
  • 1,860m
  • 2:58:38
    Moving Time
  • 2,415


  1. Erik B

    Amazing, José! That's one great ride for sure. Awesome ride up Tryvann, especially after 16min on the first effort!! 🤤 And great set in Grefsen as well 😀

  2. José Areta

    Thank you Erik! The first one was a 'warm up', I was quite happy with 441 W on the hard effort and the time as well :-)

  3. André Fjeldhammer

    Wow, you got the power 👍

  4. Erik B

    Just saw you had 7:06 from the bridge by Holmenkollen and up - that is a _very_ strong last half 💪💪 I leave it to Oddvar to comment on the wattage 😛

  5. José Areta

    It's thank to him that I've got a power reading. My SRM is getting its battery replaced so I'm borrowing an SRM unit from him.

  6. Kristin F.

    Jeezes... que fuerza!

  7. Oddvar K.

    Wow, that´s a great ride, and yes Erik, impressive power. Erik: A small secret. I treated José a home made blueberry and raspberry pie yesterday evening. It gave him wings:)

  8. Erik B

    I've never been known to turn down any sort of dessert, blueberrry and raspberry pie included 😁 No wonder he was flying!

  9. Oddvar K.