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Lachine Half-Marathon - PR! Sprinting at the end - I guess there was some gas left in the tank :-)

  • 21.1km
  • 1:30:51
    Moving Time
  • 4:18/km
    Avg Pace
  • 2,223


  1. Jason Holroyd

    Great race!

  2. Luc Potvin

    Bravo Karl!

  3. David R.

    Good job!

  4. Joseph Watters

    Excellent run Karl! Congrats on your new PR! 😊

  5. Julio Castillo

    So close to those 90'!!! It is for sure under 90 with less heat! Congrats! Glad to had a chance to high 5 just about arriving!

  6. Anderson Peres

    Congrats Karl

  7. Andrew M.


  8. Ralph Chery


  9. Jenna Leigh Elliott Ⓥ

    Congrats on the PR 🔥Nice run!

  10. Joe Smith

    Congrats on blazing PR !

  11. Langer Speck


  12. Jason Rose

    Great run! Solid pace throughput!

  13. Pascal C.

    Great time! Good thing it was early.

  14. Philippe G.

    Congrats 🍷

  15. Jason Jacobs

    Great work... Thanks for pushing me at the end...

  16. Audrey A.

    Great run!

  17. Danny St-Pierre

    Good job!

  18. Doogerday Doogerday

    Incredible pace, great month for you!

  19. Karl-Rudolf (Rudi) Erlemann

    Thank you all for your encouragement! How does the saying go:
    "If you want to run fast - run alone.
    If you want to run far - run togehter!"
    Here I feel that we are all running together. Keep up the good work - motivate yourself and your friends!