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To Fremont Peak with a shoeless and helmetless ride leader.

  • 63.4mi
  • 5,213ft
  • 5:00:18
    Moving Time
  • 2,269


  1. Coach T A.

    We need a sign that says, "No shoes, no helmet, no ride"

  2. Osman I.

    Wow! you came close to getting back the QOM!

  3. Harry Bidleman

    Looks like some good climbing!

  4. Isabelle Magnin

    What about Rule #94 for that one? For his defense, he was wearing a cycling cap, so rule #22 credit. 
    @ Osman: that is one minute and 46 seconds to shave, that is impossible. I would feel like Icarus trying to fly to close to the sun.

  5. Coach T A.

    Perhaps this is valid under the V but doesn't SCCCC have their own rule about helmets on a ride?  As far as a rule #94, the book stops at #92 and the website stops at #93.  I suppose one could petition for a new rule but I think it would be more appropriate to request a revision to #22 so it specifically calls out the wearing a cycling cap without a helmet.

  6. Isabelle Magnin

    That was the point, to create a new Rule :)  But I sure hope he won't do that again too often, he had me worried the whole ride.

  7. Coach T A.

    He should especially avoid it on Thursdays.

  8. Tony Rall

    Tino, I agree.  I don't want to repeat this (but it was easier than the time I rode without a saddle - I can't recommend that at all).

  9. roxanne harrison

    Heard you are training for the DR.  I've done it twice and this year training for CLimb to Kaiser with another woman.  We could do some training rides together.  I rode with ARlene last week and she mentioned your name.

  10. Isabelle Magnin

    Hello Roxanne. Here is my e-mail, contact me throught it, isapokepsi@gmail.com and we can connect better that way. C2K is apparently MUCH harder than the DR. Kudos to you for all that hard riding you are doing. I hope to join you in the Pantheon of those people who have finished the DR.

  11. Coach T A.

    The DR5 vs C2K debate has raged on for years.  The one thing that is for sure is that neither is easy (except for maybe the DR5 when I set my PR).  In my 10 finishes in 12 tries over 15 years, there have been some special routes that added a 6th pass.  Those were yet another step up on the scale of difficulty.  Speaking of difficult, I don't yet have a route chosen for March 1st.  Since we are at a checkpoint for TFM Phase III, it should be special.  How about Robinson Canyon and Cachagua Rd counterclockwise from Bay Bikes at The Barnyard?