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Vuelta stage 8

  • 198.8km
  • 2,411m
  • 4:43:23
    Moving Time


  1. Grégory M.

    Where is Warren??

  2. Romain CHARLES

    Warren was so strong today ....

  3. Mauro Martini@gruppo somec

    Come on guys. ..it's not Wilko's fault! Probabile we 'll never know the real story

  4. Jefferson C.

    Outstanding!!! Congrats Brother!!!!

  5. Grégory M.

    Team manager don't care about wilco. Warren was his "lieutenant" for The next moutain stages. It's disproportionnal 😡just because he changes The team at The season end.

  6. Philip Voncken

    If he was his lieutenant, why did he not wait for wilco, when he had flat tire???. I think Warren does not want to ride for sunweb anymore that's why he did that

  7. Grégory M.

    No, he did that because team manager made a mistake. Warren is better than Wilko and could have won some moutain stages.

  8. Philip Voncken

    He only go first own glory not for the team

  9. Grégory M.

    Ok lol 😂 ! Good night.

  10. Paolo C.

    Every day over 40 average...monsters!!

  11. Victor Bosoni

    Barguil> You

  12. Marc Calandro

    Barguil is much better than you!!

  13. Hans D.

    Grow up guys, stop crying about Barguil, blaming Wilco about it....get a life

  14. Si B.

    Hope for you that u will do minimum a top 10.many.people are curious to know what giant's leader can do 😉