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H2C leg 21 2017 - Was supposed to be 5 miles but they switched it without telling anyone

  • 7.7mi
  • 53:34
    Moving Time
  • 6:53/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 1,228


  1. Notorious KRR


  2. Derek Bruton

    This one is even more ridiculous 😳6 11

  3. sean burles

    hah, yeah this one was supposed to be only 5.06 miles long and all down hill. Instead they secretly added on almost 3 miles of climbing at the beginning.

  4. sean burles

    Also its so dusty I couldnt see the ground for a lot of it.

  5. 🐊 Ethan S.

    How did u go so fast?! I could hardly seemy feet so had to go really slow. Great effort!

  6. sean burles

    Thanks Ethan! Was running a bit faster than I should have because I didnt know how far away the finish line was.

  7. 🐊 Ethan S.

    Prolly all the dust preventing us all from seeing our watches 😂😂😂