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Dave Chalk

Burgess Hill, West Sussex, United Kingdom
  • 18
    Activities in 2019
  • 418.1
    miles Ridden in 2019
  • 127

#25 Marmotte Pyrenees

Ride August 27, 2017
  • 103.9mi
  • 21,324ft
  • 8:14:15
    Moving Time
  • 6,482
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  1. Ian J.
    Ian J.

    Nice one Chalky

  2. Paul Archer
    Paul Archer

    Fantastic effort Dave - looks an impressive timel!

  3. Steve N.
    Steve N.

    Great ride Dave, enjoy it?

  4. Gary Jones
    Gary Jones

    Fantastic time Dave, congrats

  5. Dave Chalk
    Dave Chalk

    Absolutely awesome, suffered like I'd never suffered before, but still the ride of my life. Got a gold, feeling awesome.

  6. Hugh S.
    Hugh S.


  7. Lee R.
    Lee R.

    Massive CHAPEAU Dave, epic ride! Hope the bike was all okay?

  8. Dave Chalk
    Dave Chalk

    Many thanks Lee, gears were a bit off after transit in the bike box, but one of my riding buddies reset them for me. Brakes were spot on, which is just as well as they got a good workout. Thanks for getting it all sorted for me.

  9. Sally M.
    Sally M.

    Epic! So much climbing! Well done.

  10. Malcolm F.
    Malcolm F.

    Awesome, well done Dave👍


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