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OCW Training Ride: A lot for me to take on after Montana, definitely not my best effort but I completed the ride.

  • 75.7mi
  • 5,167ft
  • 5:50:50
    Moving Time
  • 2,420


  1. Margot Sharapova

    mentally tough

  2. Terry K.

    That was a tough ride. Lots of hills! Well done and Welcome back.

  3. Nikki H.

    You looked very strong, even though I know you didn't think so!

  4. Rhonda Earick

    Thanks, I'm hard enough on myself with out having others come to that party especially when I'm so tired & mentally mushed, LOL. Feel much better now that I'm home & ready for a much needed nap. All will be forgotten.

  5. Danna Kipnis

    Great job today. I know you felt tired but you certainly didn't look it. You are a very strong rider and today was no exception. Enjoy your nap.

  6. Ann K.

    Fantastic job Rhonda, you are tough!

  7. Cyndi Boyce

    Yes Rhonda you were super strong!!!

  8. Rhonda Earick

    Thanks for the kind words gals!