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quarters of death

  • 7.3mi
  • 48:24
    Moving Time
  • 6:34/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 925


  1. Dylan Arana

    RIP david thank you for all of your positivity

  2. Connor Frisch

    Rip. You inspired me

  3. Will Reddell

    RIP David.

  4. Kevin Cordaro

    RIP Big Wave 🌊

  5. Paulo Acoba

    You were the realest David. RIP

  6. Jason Pedersen

    RIP. Thanks for sharing a couple runs over the years. I will chase you every time I'm at Penmar.

  7. Steven 🌴🌴🌸🤙 G.

    You'll be missed David. Truly a special individual.

  8. James Weissensel

    You were an inspiration to many. Thanks for the memories David!

  9. Joe Hale


  10. Chris Walden

    David you were a hero and inspiration to so many, myself included. I'm sorry your last work out's title has such a dark and horrible allusion. May careful thoughts be sent to David, his loved ones, and those in the Cal Track family and beyond that will miss him. Rest easy my friend.

  11. Scott L.

    So sorry to see you go, you will be remembered!

  12. Mathieu A

    We'll run for you, David.

  13. Jesus Romo

    We love you David

  14. Mark Herzog

    Oh man, so sad to hear of your passing. I have remembered your simple advice you gave me, a weekend warrior, about the TC one mile race... Run the tangent! Every subsequent year I've ran I've thought about that... An elite athlete taking a minute to give a non Ellie advice. You'll be missed. RIP

  15. Ben Taylor

    I will think of you whenever I run! Thanks for the excitement

  16. Wendy Shulik

    We miss you already!

  17. Daniel F.

    This should not have been his last runs title

  18. Tim Albiston

    RIP David. Workout for you tonight

  19. Ben Adames


  20. Nikos C.

    RIP. Inspiration to many.

  21. Collin Jarvis

    RIP DT. Your fiery spirit and positivity will be sorely missed.

  22. Mark G.


  23. Peter Falcon

    RIP, David. We all miss you. You were an inspiration in the running community.

  24. Andrew L.

    RIP Big Wave

  25. Matt Stewart (the real one)

    :( RIP DTRunsThis. You've been a huge inspiration to me since I met you at the BATC running clinic in high school. Thank you for being so generous with your time by doing things like speaking at running camps and doing AMAs on Reddit. You lived a legendary life

  26. Ashlee Powers

    💔keep flying, angel

  27. Travis Burkstrand

    rest in peace david

  28. Markus Weiß-Latzko

    Just heard the sad sad news. Rest in peace, David. My condolences to all his friends, family and followers.

  29. Cary M.

    RIP. Such an amazing runner.


    Sad news 😩 Rest in peace David Torrence

  31. Børge Antonsen

    RIP, you'll be missed

  32. Annick Labeca

    RIP Lovely David! You will be missed!

  33. Simen Næss Berge

    Rest in peace, legend.

  34. Eric ..

    You really did inspire me David, not only in running, but also in life. Both in turn helped me get to where I've gotten. I'm sure you will be missed.

  35. Xavier ESPINO-COMAS

    Rest in Peace friend

  36. James M.