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ARIVACA! - 02/23/2014 Tucson, AZ

  • 131.9mi
  • 3,369ft
  • 5:49:42
    Moving Time
  • 4,149


  1. Mark B.

    What did you do for liquid refreshment along the way?

  2. Adam Myerson

    Started with 2 tall Polar Bottles with Osmo, that I half filled and froze overnight. Quick top off for water at 3 Points, then a full store stop in Arivaca, where I refilled the bottles with just water, and had a 16 oz Mt. Dew. That was enough to get me home from there.

  3. Mark B.

    After zooming I found the street pattern in Arivaca and figured there had to be at lease a gas station. That is the hard part about doing some desert rando-style rides in these parts. Formidable!!

  4. Adam Myerson

    Yeah, there's a country store there. It's not even a crossroads, you just roll through the village. Gas station, country store, Catholic church, library, Mexican restaurant. That's all.

  5. Joshua Berry


  6. Elizabeth Schmitt

    This makes our 111 mile ride look like chump change.

  7. Mike Dietrich

    shit yea! This is the one ride I never did out there.. How was it? Better than doing Sanoita?

  8. Adam Myerson

    Dude, way better than Sonoita. It's a loop, to start with, and not an out and back. The only shitty part is Ajo to 3 Points. The valley in between that you ride to Arivaca is some of the best scenery in Tucson. You should take a vacation, buddy. Go back and spend a week doing all the old rides.