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Richard Sanderson

Saint Andrews, Scotland, United Kingdom
  • 367
    Activities in 2018
  • 9,852.0
    miles Ridden in 2018
  • 130

Bealach Mor - MS charity ride

Ride September 2, 2017
  • 89.8mi
  • 7,025ft
  • 4:48:04
    Moving Time
  • 3,800
  • 391
    Relative Effort
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  1. Carole B.
    Carole B.

    Wow well done Richard hope it was fun 🚴🌞

  2. Graham C.
    Graham C.

    Well done Richard! Another fantastic ride! Superb! 👍😄

  3. Edward M.
    Edward M.

    Holy crap dude!

  4. Euan F.
    Euan F.

    Great time on the climb! Chapeau!

  5. Julie M.
    Julie M.

    A brilliant ride again Richard, well done 😁

  6. Clockwork H.
    Clockwork H.

    Good riding once again. Average speed higher than most of my efforts on the flat! I look forward to the ToDo bits.

  7. Clockwork H.
    Clockwork H.

    I missed the picture of your KOM prize. Very, very well done.

  8. Chris M.
    Chris M.

    Excellent work sir, cracking speed!

  9. Sarah B.
    Sarah B.

    Amazing riding as always Richard Sanderson, congrats on the KOM trophy 🏆

  10. Richard Sanderson
    Richard Sanderson

    Thanks all 😊. I've now filled my belly and compiled some notes. Had the GoPro on the bike so will see what that looks like tomorrow.

  11. Niall P.
    Niall P.

    Not just an awesome time up the Bealach during the event but with the extra weight of a go pro, a few hard miles in your legs and the "air brake" of a number plate on the front! You can easy go top 10 on the Bealach with a pared down biike on a fresh legged effort like I did on Fri. You'll also go quicker round the whole course with the "aero wrap" number! (I'll post a pic of my number job up on strava) Onwards and upwards for you young sir!

  12. Richard Sanderson
    Richard Sanderson

    Got the video together from the bike (it always takes forever to do), but I think it turned out ok :) https://youtu.be/VXbQqRNB-lY

  13. Richard Sanderson
    Richard Sanderson

    Thanks Niall Paterson (Bike Shed Whitehaven ) was good to sit and chat at the end. Incredible time you posted, although I thought you said you had it by seconds - looks like 10 mins on the website to me 😄. I'm pretty happy leaving the marginal gains on the table, can always have an excuse to hand if I need it that way 😆

  14. Richard Sanderson
    Richard Sanderson

    Just starting to catch up with myself after a great weekend. Thanks Carole Baggaley Graham Cheyne Edward Murphy Euan Freeman Julie McQueen Chris Martin Sarah Bransby 🙂.

  15. Richard Sanderson
    Richard Sanderson

    Clockwork Hamster sorry another essay 😬. Speed was definitely helped by the folks that I shared wheels with and a help in the wind 😊


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