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U.T.M.B!!! (Naturally for the third year GPS dies before finish)

  • 95.4mi
  • 32,298ft
  • 18:32:36
    Moving Time
  • 11:54/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 17,774


  1. Stephen C.

    You smashed it Tim!!

  2. Craig Toews


  3. Kees DeVos

    Tim! Congratulations!! 🎉🍾 well earned, my man

  4. Janolus C.

    bravo à toi !

  5. David L.

    Congrats. Great result!

  6. Mans Breimer

    What a great run! Congrats

  7. Boivin Jerome

    Bravo !👍

  8. Tazio B.

    Good Job Tim!👏🏼😃

  9. Ueli Gallizzi

    Awesome race! Congrats.

  10. Javier D.

    Congratulations Tim!!! Amazing race!!!

  11. malik abdessalam

    Loved to see your finish.. really showed how much it meant to you..

  12. Neil M.

    Hooray Tim - congratulations!

  13. Jelle Janse

    Smart race, smart guy, way to go!

  14. Sam Le Marrec

    Incredible race Tim 👍it is always incredible to see that even when it is difficult you always have the smile. Which enjoyment on finish line 😁🥇 congrats ⛰👍

  15. 🌳 Alexis N.

    What an amazing performance ! Which GPS do you use for this kind of race ?


    Muy buena carrera Tim Tollefson con el nivel de este año te tiene q saber a victoria!!

  17. Dag Sverre Høye

    Utrolig! Gratulerer!

  18. Dan Ruley

    Nice job! Your surge to 3rd was legendary

  19. Tom H.

    It will be yours next year Tim. 💪 amazing running this year

  20. Olivier Stora

    You did an amazing race ! And looked so happy on the finish line ! Congrats Tim Tollefson ! 🎉🍾

  21. Sigurþór Halldórsson

    3rd place UTMB finish this year beat's a first place in any other race for sure -- congrats!

  22. Birgir S.

    Congratulations Tim Tollefson - You are amazing! In this field....

  23. Christine G.

    Congrats Tim Tollefson !!!

  24. Jan O.

    Congrats Tim! Great race, great job👍🏽

  25. Loïc B.

    Congratulations from Belgium !
    what a race !

  26. Xiaomo Xü

    This is No.1 in the mortal category. Timmy you're a human legend!!!

  27. Austin Lewis

    Congrats Tim! Awesome performance!

  28. Manos Pediaditakis

    Great race !

  29. José Pedro 💚➕ Á.

    Enhorabuena!!! Congrats Tim!!!.

  30. Danny DiMeo

    Speechless! so proud

  31. Rachel Johnson

    So awesome!! Congrats Tim!! 🇺🇸🏔️🙌

  32. Josh Kupershmidt

    Congrats Tim! USA!

  33. Andreas Kleiva


  34. Christopher Holub

    Wonderful job! Big congratulations!

  35. Emily E.

    You did so amazing - congrats!!

  36. Francisco B.

    Congrats!! 💪👍

  37. Mohd Yusuf Abdul Hamid

    Aller aller aller Tim! Congrats!!!

  38. André Erlank


  39. Alex Krasovskis

    Great result looks like the hard work paid off

  40. Christopher Holub

    Way to represent the USA! Love the pics!

  41. Andrea T.

    3rd behind 2 super champions, would have won any other race

  42. Camron Stotts- 🍌

    Among great company on that podium! Congrats on a stellar effort!

  43. Marco Mosqueda


  44. Glenn Alvey

    Congrats! Awesome finish line video!

  45. Nick Mosey


  46. toni perez


  47. David B.

    Well done! Inspiring effort!

  48. Mick Martin

    You started the race "quietly" and then you put everyone back(except 2 legends trailers) until reaching the podium..amazing race with an immense joy on finish line that is fun to see..😄super mentality..🙏you are a champion🙌Bravo and good recovery (sorry for my bad English!!)

  49. Eric Senseman

    So proud of you buddy!

  50. Matthew Curry

    ABC: Always Be Closing! Congratulations Tim on another stellar performance! Inspiring!