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After 5 weeks of Holiday I"ll put on my #getinshapein4weeks plan. Including meal prep. Starting from today. Ending in an italian week of racing the beginning of oktober.

  • 108.1km
  • 136m
  • 3:29:13
    Moving Time
  • 2,793


  1. J B Lejonhammar

    Trying to paint the US?

  2. Jim Rindgen

    Riding Levis Gran Fondo again?

  3. Chaps ☼ Monster Media Racing

    I doubt your #outOFshape is not my #outOFshape, and I'd need a few months of getting in shape 🤣

  4. Laurens ten Dam

    @jim nope. I'll do Stetina Prospect. Than heading back to Italy for racing

  5. Jan Gravekamp

    Zte 'm op meneer ten Dam!

  6. Paul W.

    Laurens, do you test your FTP before starting back after holiday?

  7. A. di Michele

    what fish 🐟 is that, laurens

  8. Aart van der Steen

    Vette vis !

  9. Andrew M.

    Celebrity master chef watch out!

  10. Mike B.

    Great title!

  11. Cal Erdman

    Hey do us a favor at Pete's Prospector ride. Instead of shooting off the front with Pete and Levi and wiping us all out - which would be like taking candy from babies for you guys - why don't you start 10 minutes behind us all and ride up through us so we can at least get a few minutes to actually see and chat with you guys!! See you at Tahoe!!

  12. Mac Gregor C.

    why give people the false hope that fitness can be achieved by anything other than consistency over a long period of time

  13. Bas de Lange


  14. Michelle Ryback

    You're making me hungry....

  15. Jonathan Weresch

    Yummy! If you get tired of cycling you can become my personal chef. Not much pay, but then again money isn't everything...

  16. Arje D.


  17. Jas F.

    Guessing you're not a climber

  18. Eriko S.

    Looks yummy & nutritious!

  19. Keith G.

    Taco porn!🌮🌮😄 I like that holiday "see food diet" plan where I see it and eat it.

  20. David Geraghty

    MacGregor Cox he's doing no such thing. I think everyone here is pretty aware he's a professional cyclist and not just getting off the couch 30lbs overweight.

  21. Eric Mollinedo

    Trout tacos?

  22. Koen B.

    Receptje graag!

  23. Patrick van Hugten

    Ziet eruit als een babyhapje

  24. Chuck (mo) Norris (miller)

    En daarna nog even wat wedstrijdjes op het strand rijden, word je stiekem ook sterk van in de winter !💪🏼

  25. Ian S.

    You deserve a few more beers first.

  26. Paul de Bellefroid Ⓥ

    Go vegan, cheers!!