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Hells 500 Everesting: Mt Buller

  • 287.6km
  • 8,938m
  • 18:25:01
    Moving Time
  • 8,352


  1. Antti Papinniemi

    Awesome effort!

  2. Paul Dalgarno

    Well done, Andy!

  3. Matt Fletcher

    Incredible! Leading from the front :)

  4. Steve T.

    Ridiculously impressive, i suspect you will be eating your Saturday away! No doubt also an awesome effort by a support team?

  5. George M.

    Oh My Lord! Well done Andy!

  6. Sammi Tsegay

    Just insane, well done Andy, well deserved rest :).

  7. Eat M.

    Incredible effort. Super work.

  8. Reid Bates

    Bananas... Inspiring effort!

  9. Stryder Tanjil Aris

    Hells Yeah! You really had no choice but to complete this one ;) Well bloody done!

  10. Cyril Dixon

    Oh captain my captain, beautiful work

  11. Ryan McMullan

    Well done bloke

  12. Jarrod Stonham

    Inspiring! Led by example!

  13. Chip H.


  14. Jon T.

    Massive effort. Congratulations. Well done.

  15. Pete M.

    amazing.. well done AVB..

  16. Gary B.

    Congrats Andy, well done.

  17. Angus T.

    Amazing stuff Andy!

  18. George V.

    Congrats Andy, what an amazing effort!

  19. Evan H.

    Well done mate!!! Inspiring stuff :)

  20. Calum Pattison

    Well done Andy. I would say that this one was done on pure guts & determination. Proper hard man.

  21. Happy C.

    Awesome. Guess the dice will be rolling 1's and 2's on Tues morning :)

  22. John Van Seters

    Well done Andy!

  23. Martyn T.

    Massive kudos Andy, well done.

  24. chris cox

    Job well done Andy!!!

  25. Maria Beardon #LifeofBikes 🦄

    Superb effort .... kudos!

  26. Tony Butler

    EPIC... Great job Andy!

  27. Mitchell Stafford

    Impressive!!! And that's and under-statement.

  28. Nic H.

    You are a steely-eyed missile man, sir. Unbelievable. I hope I can get up the fitness and mental toughness to be able to have a crack at this one day.

  29. Rob Milohanic

    Congrats, mate.  A ride for the ages.

  30. Neen V.

    And on the ninth ascent Andy finally remembered to get his 7 Peaks Passport stamped! Well done

  31. Peter T.


  32. John G.

    Great ride Mr. H500 :)

  33. Dan F.

    Epic ride Andy. You came through with the goods!

  34. Dominic C.

    Hats off old Chap…Hats off!  Sterling effort

  35. Nic N.

    Legendary. Great work

  36. Michael B.

    Great job AVB. This is just mental!

  37. Phil Millham

    Great day out Andy, super effort.

  38. Lachlan Murray @ PLANET-PCS RACING

    Sensational Andy. Recovery phase now.

  39. Nicole V.

    Amazing work, look what you have started!

  40. Paris P.

    Truly deserving of Epic. Congrats mate.

  41. Rohan (Duracell Bunny) Symons

    Massive effort. Well done!

  42. Gary Dodemaide

    Did my second domestique ride with you guys here, you've just smashed that one now, massive kudos

  43. Brad E.

    Awesome work! Great to read your thoughts on the mental barriers too...

  44. Paul E.

    Hi Andy, the guys and girls at Hells 500 would very much like your ride on the updated Hall of Fame list and map. Please go to http://veloviewer.com/everesting and register your ride for inclusion on the list, you've earned it, congratulations & much respect.