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Salem Witch Hunt

  • 80.3mi
  • 2,459ft
  • 5:47:42
    Moving Time
  • 2,702
  • 79
    Relative Effort


  1. Guy Hunter

    Nice long ride

  2. Michael McKay

    thanks for that Guy -- it was a glorious day here in Mass. Was supposed to be 25 miles extra, but I double flatted five miles apart and had to call my daughter for an airlift. Nice to have kids that can drive!

  3. Nicholas Provenzo

    Your pictures of your son are mildly hilarious.

  4. Michael McKay

    yes, unfortunately the stocks were padlocked -- in the front yard of a 17th century house in Ipswich, MA. Definitely wanted to have him model :)

  5. Don Brabants

    nice job on those PRs Mike

  6. Michael McKay

    Thanks for that -- love getting out for a long ride on a glorious day. This teacher back into the classroom next week -- Labor Day marks the start of "back to work" season :(

  7. Marc B.

    Heck of a ride Mike. Good for you!

  8. Tm T

    Nice long ride there

  9. Michael McKay

    Thanks Marc! Next long one with you!

  10. Bruno (Meister) Silva

    Dats a nice long ride. 👏

  11. Matthew Williams

    Looks like a fun ride and some awesome miles

  12. Michael McKay

    thanks for that Matthew -- always good to spend a day on the bike with my kids, especially seeing some different parts of the countryside!