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Jon Hughes

Godalming, England, United Kingdom
  • 49
    Activities in 2019
  • 564.4
    miles Ridden in 2019
  • 164

Monday hills ride

Ride June 25, 2012
  • 47.7mi
  • 2,594ft
  • 2:40:19
    Moving Time
  • 1,740
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  1. Jon Hughes
    Jon Hughes

    Yet more 2nd places on the segments where I gave it a bit. Ran out of steam on the steep bit of Crocknorth. Took Combe Lane a bit steadier. Maybe I could chop a few secs of both another day, but probably not a lot.

  2. James G.
    James G.

    Maybe stick with just one or two gears? Comparing rides on http://raceshape.com/strava-segments/629896?kom=1&rides=202532535 - if that site is accurate it looks like you started quickly but then changed gears several times nearer the top... When I did that 2.00 ride it was I felt like I wanted to get off and collapse just before the bridge, but somehow managed to keep turning the gear - which then seemed to deliver momentum again as the climb flattens at the top.

  3. Jon Hughes
    Jon Hughes

    I like that site, wasn't familiar with it. You're absolutely right with the analysis too. I'm still running an 11-28 cassette that I put on for the Dragon Ride and it jumps 24 to 28. On the steep stuff that 28 is handy but I recall unwisely shifiting (up I think) and losing speed instead of gaining power. The jump was too big on that gradient. I can learn from that - but you've still got the edge on the really brutal climbs.

  4. James G.
    James G.

    I don't know about that! According to strava that Crocknorth KOM put 12 seconds in to John Storms' time, but at the Waller Pain (steeper and shorter) he beat me by 7. But funnily enough I did feela little undergeared on that ride. My (very!) brief experience at this malarky does seem to suggest that holding a bigger gear, if possible, is quicker. that's what I tried on Whitedown, and it seemed to work there, though you can see where I almost came to a standstill on the steep part here http://app.strava.com/segments/686239

  5. Jon Hughes
    Jon Hughes

    You're probably right, as long as you have the power to sustain it. That was an awesome run up Whitedown, by the way.

  6. James G.
    James G.

    Cheers. Apologies for the duff link, here is the segment on raceshape http://raceshape.com/strava-segments/686239


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