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First grasshopper!

  • 82.9mi
  • 7,003ft
  • 4:30:21
    Moving Time
  • 3,981


  1. Paolo S.

    Congrats on the QOMs!

  2. David M.

    Great meeting you on the line Evie. Best of luck this season!

  3. Pete L.

    Go AB! You'll be happy to know it was -8 degrees back east when I got up to ride the trainer this AM.

  4. Levi Leipheimer

    Thanks for joining us, come back for more.

  5. Evelyn Stevens

    Thanks David, great meeting you as well. Levi, great to meet you today and thanks for looking at for me on the ride!

  6. Shanna Sauer

    It was good seeing you and Angela today!! and excellent trophy count that was well earned today!

  7. Evelyn Stevens

    Shanna great to see you today as well! I would love to join for another rapha woman's ride soon!

  8. Shawn Remy Ⓥ

    Great job! Looks like you killed it!!

  9. Lisa Hunt

    Oh if only I hadn't fumbled that bottle:-0