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Evening ride on Zwift. Actually burning Pizza... TacxNeo

Virtual Ride
  • 31.1km
  • 578m
  • 1:00:31
    Moving Time
  • 916


  1. Aleix S.

    i give you mental power for this days on the tacx! sunny and fresh days are coming! keep fighting mate!

  2. Robert Gesink

    @Aleix Thanks man!

  3. Darren J.

    You'll be back racing in no time, I was told I wouldn't be riding for a few months after I ruptured my quads in a crash 6 weeks ago ....so far done 228km. Just got to push through the pain...

  4. James M.

    Tacx Neo FTW ! 👊 rest and heal well.

  5. Mar W.

    You're awesome. Love your fighting spirit and humor! Wishing you a speedy recovery! You're doing great! 😃👍🙌

  6. fred glick

    How do you ride on water?