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To the train station - off to the big smoke to run a marathon on a treadmill at a Garmin press event with a bashed up left leg still.....what could possibly go wrong 😀

  • 10.0mi
  • 430ft
  • 35:50
    Moving Time
  • 308
  • 16
    Suffer Score


  1. Gavin Burnside

    Sounds like a great plan; what can possibly go wrong?

  2. Mark Dallimore


  3. Maryro M.
    Maryro M.

    If you are the one running, nothing can go wrong

  4. Martin Davies

    What's Garmin announcing this time? 🤔

  5. Paul Martelletti

    Gather round folks,we have these awesome GPS watches with all these whizz bang features, and to show you how awesome they are, we're gonna get the British 100km/V40 marathon record holder to run from Bournemouth to London and we will track him live and show you the latest and greatest... Oh hang on, we're what? No, we're not seriously doing that? We are? Oh geez. Ok folks, i meant to say we're gonna stick him on a treadmill inside where GPS don't mean jack! 😂 Have fun anyway, hopefully some kind of record involved at least?

  6. James Benjamin

    So..... What went wrong!

  7. Steve Way

    I'm broke now......shouldn't have done that ;-) Marders - The only record involved was "man runs sub 3 marathon when he can't even walk without a limp" .......man can't walk at all now!