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Mount Lorette South Ridge - Solo

Run September 7, 2017
  • 15.4km
  • 1,284m
  • 2:10:08
    Moving Time
  • 8:25/km
    Avg Pace
  • 2,160
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  1. Yoga B.

    Is there an easy route up that one Jamie

  2. Jamie Junker

    There most certainly is Yoga Bum :)

  3. Jamie Junker

    Just go up the way I went down

  4. Michael Morel

    Is the crux just a short crack like a book ? As I remember ?

  5. Jamie Junker

    Michael Morel exactly man, that funky crack in the big block! There's a couple bolts there now that weren't there this spring someone must have spruced it up

  6. Michael Morel

    I have fond memories of that one , cool!