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  • 63.1mi
  • 2,346ft
  • 3:24:31
    Moving Time
  • 2,204


  1. Julian Turner

    Hola mate! Great seeing you today. We have started a social no drop group ride on Sundays. Tomorrow we will be leaving from Lacanada and Naranja at 6:00. Going up to Biosphere and back. Would love to see ya and anyone else you can bring.

  2. Fred Dillemuth

    Me too....where were you Julian Turner? Good to see you Laurent Molteni www.moltenicycling.com.

  3. Michael H.

    Just hang onto my wheel. I won't drop you. :-O

  4. Julian Turner

    Fred, Micheal all invited Its an easy social ride wives invited

  5. Bill C.

    Thank you for the company especially during the unpleasant parts.

  6. Julian Turner

    Bill you are welcome and your buddies

  7. Laurent Molteni www.moltenicycling.com

    Julian Turner thanks buddy, no can do this time but thank you for the invite!

  8. Laurent Molteni www.moltenicycling.com

    Fred Dillemuth thanks Fred, you too, hope we can schedule those ride on your side of town next month.

  9. Fred Dillemuth

    Sounds great Laurent Molteni www.moltenicycling.com

  10. Laurent Molteni www.moltenicycling.com

    Michael Hast thank you! You are a good neighbor 😊

  11. Laurent Molteni www.moltenicycling.com

    Bill Carden Thanks for your company Bill 😊