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Post-Double MACC Attack Recovery Metric :-) (Week 2, Day 5, Part 3!)

  • 60.0mi
  • 1,183ft
  • 3:13:55
    Moving Time
  • 1,871
  • 78
    Suffer Score


  1. Gregory M.

    Damn! I want some of what you on!

  2. Thomas Roddey

    Greg, Six Gap is coming on September 23.... I'm looking for any and all suffering I can find before then :-)

  3. Gregory M.

    I get it bruh! Keep pushing the pedals!

  4. Steve Rosser

    Lol Greg. Beastly T-Rod!

  5. Junior D.

    I know U said U were going to get a "little" more, but damn...

  6. Thomas Roddey

    You know me, Junior - If I'm getting in, I'm in up to my neck! :-)

  7. Cedron Johnson

    I sensed some heat from your bottom bracket and down tube. lol Beast mode!

  8. Darcina "Diamond" G.

    Long name; long rides, wow average :-)!

  9. Thomas Roddey

    Ced, that heat was Steve and Kev's exhaust from those monster pulls coming home! :-)

  10. Thomas Roddey

    Darcina, I had a long time on the saddle to come up with that name. :-)