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Amtrak Century #4, fun easy century, Dee & I cut some of the junk miles in the beginning. I had a flat after riding through all the debris on the fwy. If I do this century again, I'll go through the base instead.

  • 92.0mi
  • 3,284ft
  • 6:16:25
    Moving Time
  • 2,387


  1. Khanh .......

    Nice to see you out there again Rhonda. Trust you had a nice ride.

  2. Danna Kipnis

    Nice to see you at the rest stops. Glad you decided to join in the fun today.

  3. Arlie Nogay

    Easy century? You are awesome!

  4. Rhonda Earick

    @ Khanh & Danna, glad I did it & glad I got to see you both at the rest stops

  5. Rhonda Earick

    Arlie, yes, lots of flat & very little climbing :)

  6. Kate LeClerc

    Great job Rhonda! Sorry we didn't see each other .... fun ride!!!!

  7. Terri W.

    Nice one!!!Can't wait to get back on my bike!