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Clara Hughes

Canmore, Alberta, Canada
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Tour de lac D'annecy en france!

Ride June 26, 2012
  • 35.4km
  • 189m
  • 1:15:43
    Moving Time
  • 824
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  1. Clara Hughes
    Clara Hughes

    beautiful ride around lac annecy....if you are ever in this area do this ride! Nice easy jet-lag cruise....

  2. Derek Rush
    Derek Rush

    Good to see you back at it. Haven't seen you in a while.

  3. Robert Ellis
    Robert Ellis

    Its my dream to go to Europe and ride over there, but work, life just wont allow. All the best to you in the up coming Olympics!!! Are you fluent in French?

  4. Clara Hughes
    Clara Hughes

    being in france again blog (my french is brutal but I always try!): http://clara-hughes.com/encore-en-france/

  5. Alain Cadorette  Cannondale Échelon p/b 4iiii
    Alain Cadorette Cannondale Échelon p/b 4iiii

    Clara's French is as good as her riding...world class ;-)

  6. lləssnɹ ʞɹɐlɔ
    lləssnɹ ʞɹɐlɔ

    the Frenchies will respect you more...if you at least try to speak their language (from what I remember)! Good luck, Clara!

  7. Wendy H.
    Wendy H.

    All the best with your final preparations for London. Not a bad area to have to prep for sure!

  8. Lew Paquin
    Lew Paquin

    Glad to hear your back is improving ! Enjoyed reading your blog...having lived in France for six years, I can identify with what you feel. Best of luck in Italy....how cool is it that so many team mates will be in the Olympics ! What a great feeling that must be. We'll be watching and rooting for you!

  9. Christopher Stipe
    Christopher Stipe

    Hey Clara, Nice to see you back on the bike and getting back to racing. Good luck to you and your team mates.


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