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Yorkshireman (first mixed team)

  • 42.0km
  • 1,111m
  • 4:24:43
    Moving Time
  • 6:24/km
    Avg Pace
  • 4,117


  1. Tony B.

    Well done mario 👍

  2. G Raf

    Honorary Yorkshire man

  3. Nuno C.


  4. Peter Kerridge


  5. Mario Barbosa

    Thank you guys, you know I couldn't do it without the fabulous runner Donna but I m happy to keep up with her pace 😢😰

  6. Leon Winder

    Amazing mate, never done it but I want to next year now!

  7. Don E.

    Ahhhh nice! That's not what you were saying at 35km? In fact I do recall being threatened with a banana 🍌 being shoved up my ***** if i didn't shut up😢

  8. Nuno C.

    Don Edmondson so you racing with Mario to Nuno - two Portugueseman to choose??? Well do you both

  9. Don E.

    I def got less abuse from you Nuno!

  10. Andrew Bannister

    But you're not from Yorkshire...?

  11. Mario Barbosa

    Now more than you think Andrew 😁😁