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Vuelta - stage 21

  • 124.3km
  • 1,033m
  • 3:30:52
    Moving Time
  • 2,180


  1. John F.

    Fantastic Vuelta for you! 👏💥⛰

  2. Brandon Fluharty


  3. Michel G.

    I hope the best for you! Congrats!

  4. Philip L.

    Congrats! Glad to hear you'll be with Slipstream for 2 more years. Looking forward to seeing what you guys can do!

  5. Serb1nh0 P.

    Big one!!!

  6. Alessandro P.


  7. Chris H.

    Congrats rusty! Well done and impressed as hell!

  8. James P.

    Congratulations!! What an awesome result! Thanks for sharing your ride files with us.

  9. Emil Prpic

    Congratulations Mike on an incredible Vuelta!

  10. greg chapman

    wow! Amazing result. Was great watching you every day!

  11. John Blasquez Ariège Vélo

    Just a Climbing "Machine" straight into the top 10! Congrats!!!

  12. Roberto C.

    Enhorabuena Mike, muy buena Vuelta!!!!!👏👏👏👏👏💪💪💪💪💪

  13. René D.

    Jolie parcourt et bravos continu à nous faire rêver

  14. Loco Flahute

    Solid... Respect + experience=bright future

  15. Principe Andrea

    Fantastic achievement Rusty...now I'll be waiting for you in the top ten in the next Giro d'Italia😉💪🏻

  16. Kyle U.

    Thanks for making my mornings the last 3 weeks even better!

  17. Gino G.

    Won't feel so bad now when I see my name below yours on daily segments in Gatineau park! Kudos!

  18. Sergio P.

    What a performance you did in the vuelta. Congratulations

  19. Gene Raphaelian

    A fantastic result at a GT! Chapeau!

  20. Matthyw T.

    Well done, Ottawa was cheering for you!

  21. Shawn G.

    Great Tour! So nice to see your name in the top 10 GC the last while.

  22. Robert C.

    Superbe vuelta Mike! Bravo!!

  23. Alexander Burnside

    Fantastic ... celebrations are in order.

  24. David V.


  25. Bernard V

    Wow !!!

  26. Graydon 🇨🇦 (Ottawa)

    well done! amazing

  27. Benoit D.

    Thanks for the inspiring riding the last 3 weeks!! Solid result!! Way to represent Ottawa/Canada!!

  28. David Pugh

    Congratulations on an amazing Vuelta! Inspirational to me and my two young mini-cyclists who've been watching too. Go 🇨🇦Go!

  29. Geoff V.

    Great Job! Lots of fun cheering for you!

  30. Chris Lind 🥑

    Excellent work Mike. YOU DA BEST.

  31. Daniel Brunner

    thank you for being the only GC that shares his power data and making the sport more relateable

  32. Ted Feenstra

    Fantastic Vuelta Mike!!!

  33. Joe P.

    Amazing performance over the whole Vuelta. Bet you're pleased that injury forced a change of direction. Chapeau Sir!!!

  34. Francis Gagné

    Amazing! Congrats for your tour. Cycling fans in Montréal and Ottawa was chearing for you!

  35. andrew haughian

    awesome 3 weeks Mike. The commentators on my feed couldn't stop their praise in your performance.

  36. Robin A.

    Super Vuelta

  37. Peter H.

    Chapeau. And good news for your team and a contract extension. All came together.

  38. Mark Wisch

    Congrats 🍾 to you and the entire team. Great Vuelta!

  39. Richard Jodoin K.

    Lucky 7! What a ride dude. And two more years with the team. Looking forward to following your exploits in 2018. You made the entire Ottawa/Gatineau region so proud!

  40. Wilfred F.

    A1. Nice job, Michael.

  41. Carlo F.

    A Canadian Grand Tour performance for the ages. You're a beast!

  42. George G.

    Great Vuelta 💪🔥