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The best we could do given the numerous and varied constraints we had.

  • 20.8mi
  • 832ft
  • 1:25:48
    Moving Time
  • 938
  • 22
    Suffer Score


  1. Emmett M.

    I specifically logged on to see if you rode this morning. I was not disappointed.

  2. Nick Jeanfils

    The imperative of "the streak" demands it, Emmett McNair. I have been convinced to not ride into work today though because stuff is flying off of buildings and such. Also, marta being shut down leaves me no rip cord for getting back in the afternoon if it indeed gets as bad as they're saying it will.

  3. Huckleberry Starnes

    If not for these kids I'd have been there ;-)

  4. John Lucy

    If not for the rain and wind I'd have been there

  5. Laura Griggs

    Woosh! Did you see the photo of the two fully kitted road bicyclist in Miami with all the downed trees...

  6. Henry Ackerman

    I was thinking of getting a parasail and heading out this afternoon to see if I could get some of yours and Tom's KOMs...

  7. Nick Jeanfils

    Laura Griggs - yes, Huckleberry Starnes used it poke fun at Eric Reinhardt and me. Henry Ackerman - great idea...wonder if a parasail would work on Hillpine.

  8. Jonny151 Rippin 1.