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CruxPloring my backyard

  • 23.6mi
  • 1,412ft
  • 1:55:32
    Moving Time
  • 1,052
  • 36
    Suffer Score


  1. Michelle Chase

    ooohh....didn't know about that trail, what percentage is ridable right now?

  2. Michelle Chase

    also wondering if that is accessible from Adams or Webber?

  3. eric winkler

    @Michelle. It is rideable. A couple a deep mud holes but passable. Weber is easiest. This time I went in through the gate before the water treatment plant and ended up on top of grass hill. Then down into someone's backyard and on to grass hill road. Nice guy but not a great path. The burgey snowmobile trail is a possibility but what I saw was not rideable now. This is double track all the way to Nash hill (Williamsburg road) if you come in off of Weber road

  4. Michelle Chase

    Nice! Thanks! I've done henhawk to main Poland but not this (which is unpassable now because of the tornado). I can't wait to check this out.