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Reservation Road Repeats 4x

  • 3.3mi
  • 1,119ft
  • 39:17
    Moving Time
  • 11:43/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 522


  1. Boog P.

    Good run! Check out your hr curve for each repeat! Mirrors the intensity perfectly!

  2. Sri B.

    Barely hitting LT HR, I guess Bryant was slacking.

  3. Bryant Johnson

    Ha! I don't know about slacking... more like tired legs and no coffee!

    By the way, this is almost a perfect substitute for 800 intervals. Almost the exact same time and recovery, but much easier on the body than circuits on the track. If you started at the bottom of Reservation Road, it'd be a good substitute for mile intervals!

  4. John Lueck

    Hot damn!

  5. Alex Gonzalez

    What's the address? Is like to do those. I used to do Mt Tom's access road but I bet it's gotten pretty bad this year. Girl scout hill is nice but only 2/10 at 19%.

  6. Bryant Johnson

    It's Reservation Road off of East Street in Easthampton. It's less accessible than the Mt Tom access road, however. Really only passable on foot. It washed out a while ago, and they closed it to cars. You might be able to ride it on a mountain bike...